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Conquer Pest is an established Singapore pest control company. With over 20 years of expertise and experience combined, we are here in Singapore to provide pest control services to battle these pests without you going to the battlefield. We provide pest control services to residential, commercial & the Industrial sectors.

Our second goal would have to be to provide the much-needed and necessary education to the common folk.

Many pest outbreaks could have been circumvented and completely prevented if the affected knew what sort of behaviour caused such a vile reaction from their respective environments.
This education includes free brochures, video tutorials, informative article and fun yet sagacious infographics.

We hope that such an approach will be well received within the Singapore community, as we are trying to provide a combustion of valuable information intertwined with light-hearted entertainment!

Our last goal is a more noble one and it entails itself in the improvement of the Singaporean community as a whole.

We are desperately trying to get people to join in on the movement, as no amount of education or prevention is going to be of any ail, if the crowd doesn’t feel the importance of our cause.

That is why we’ll always do our best when interacting with our customers, as well as casual onlookers, we’ll be a great example to the community as a whole.
This will all be accomplished by the stellar way in which we’ll approach dealing with your pest control problem.

We don’t see your house or your place of residence as just another number on our bucket list, no, we see your humble abode as an essential part of a whole and that whole cannot exist if every part of it isn’t in outstanding condition!

Pest Control Services

When we were first building Conquer Pest LLP we asked ourselves about all the things the current pest control services lacked.

After coming up with a couple of pointers on our own, we went to the streets and inquired a bunch of random strangers over the course of several months of intense research.
Their answers varied greatly but it they could all have been summed up in the following sentence: We are in need of a pest control service that is actually trained and whose staff has verifiable certificates!

To clarify for those not in the loop, a NEA certificate means that the National Environment Agency, who is there to improve and sustain the green environment in Singapore, approved of the practices and tests used by our group of experts.
As the proud owner and CEO of Conquer Pest LLP, that all of our staff is exclusively trained in the most excruciating facilities known to man and secondly, all of them have rightfully earned their NEA certificate.
Make a call to us to let our pest control experts to do a free consultation at your premises.

Pest Control For Your Business

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The reason why we put so much emphasis on recruiting dedicated, humble, reliable, friendly yet professional employees is because we are clairvoyant in our approach.
We see a future where a kid that saw us in action thinks to himself: ”I want to be like them, too!”

This is what we really want, we want to inspire a new generation of caring, empathetic and considerate human beings.
Not just in the environmental sense, but also in their day-to day lives!
This can only be done with passionate people on our side and let me tell you that we have those in abundance.

Last but not least, the services we bring to the table are so versatile in their nature, you’ll never have to hire another pest company in your life.
Be it the pesky mosquitoes or a flock of disgruntled cockroaches, we’re there for you and there’s nothing these scoundrels can do to escape the hands of our professionals.
Since our inception, there hasn’t been one report of pests coming back to the same place we’ve been to. We don’t just eradicate them, we ensure that they are scared for life.
Tales are being told among the pests, at the campfires in the homes of their unsuspecting victims, tales of a few noble man that are out there and once they find out about their hiding place, it’s game over for them.

This is the essence of what being a pest control expert really means, that is the essence of Conquer Pest LLP.

How does Conquer Pest work?
Once an appointment is made, our consultant will be on site for a free consultation or inspection when necessary.
Our Pest Control Specialisation
  • HDB Home
  • Private Apartment
  • Condominium
  • Terrace House
  • Bungalow
  • Kindergarden
  • Industry
  • F&B Establishment
  • Hotels
  • Food Chains
  • Shopping Mall Retail


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