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About Us

Singapore Conquer Pest

Conquer Pest is a locally established pest control company that provides pest control services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. With over 20 years of experience & expertise combined, we are committed to provide safe and effective pest control services for our customers.

At ConquerPest, our staffs are NEA Trained, certified staff & with over 20years of field experience. We only use NEA approved chemicals.


ConquerPest Mission

Our mission is to provide an extensive pest control services for our valuable clients.
Our Pride
We take pride in using only NEA approved chemicals and trained staffs to perform pest control services for your premises.
Our Aftersale
We are always reach-able and we are open to feedbacks and request, we will do our very best to serve you with our very best.

Our Philosophy

At ConquerPest, we believe in the following that form our company name.

  • C ontrol Or Comprehensive
  • O utstanding
  • N ovelty or Novel
  • Q uality
  • U nderstand
  • E fficiency
  • R esponsibility


Company Overview

Efficient Pest Control


Cleanliness after work


Pride in our work



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