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Latin NameFormicidae
LengthLess than 5.4mm
ColorRed, black
Common SightingWall edges, crevices

Quick facts

Ants have been around for way longer than humans and they are oftentimes praised for their amazing foresight, sense of community and valiant efforts in upholding their colonies.
They are, number-wise, the biggest pest on the entire planet.

Some rumors would have it that if we put all the ants on one side and all the humans on the other, that they would outweigh us!

As entertaining of a thought it may be, it has been disproven by experts.

Ants Pest Control

Ants can carry weights that are over a hundred times their bodyweight, making them one of the most efficient animals on the planet when it comes to weight-to-body ratio.

Ants have been found everywhere on the planet; They are globalists that will survive in any condition you throw at them

Ants communicate with one another using chemicals that they release while on their trip, with that sort of system an observer ant can quickly notify the hive of a goodie it found

The latter fact is the single biggest reason why your place of residence or business space is infested by ants; They see something valuable for the furtherment of their species

You can throw ants from unimaginable heights and they will still survive without a scratch, walking away scot-free

If ants could communicate on a human level with one another, not a single weapon could stop them from taking over our planet and becoming the apex predator

Solution to Pest Control on Ants?

While they may seem impenetrable judging by our description, we wouldn’t be the professionals that we are if we didn’t find a solution for any problem.

Unlike other species, it is very important to establish which type of ant you are dealing with.
Some of them can be easily lured away with various baits, but others can be quite tricky to grapple with.

The first thing our expert will do is inspect the field and find all the valuable water sources that could be adding fuel to the fire.

After having determined what could be causing the issue, the expert then goes on to set poison around the most affected areas.

Many inexperienced people, at this point, would try to kill the ants by using force but that would be a grave mistake.

Since ants cannot distinguish between regular food and one laced with poison, they will storage the venom inside of their colony, killing their own queen and ravage the entire colony.

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