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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs
Latin nameCimex lectularius
LengthLess than 7mm
ColorRusty-brown, reddish-brown after fed
Common SightingMattress folds

Bedbugs Pest Control

Bedbugs are a peculiar bunch since they are very small and hard to spot. They are omnipresent but not omniscient and today, we are going to show you how to keep them at bay. These bloodsucking pests might have sucked you like a leper but that will all change once the professionals are out of the woodwork!
But before that, let’s take a brief moment to acquaint ourselves with their physiology and fundamental behavioral patterns.

BedBugs Facts

  • Bedbugs are nocturnal beasts, chewing on the blood of the innocent as the midnight moon illuminates the skies
  • They are mostly found in clothes as this is their favourite transportation method. That’s how they got into your home or business space in the first place!
  • Even though they have terrible eyesight, their other, more keen senses track the amount of heat generated by your body, thereby always one step ahead of your moves
  • Like vampires, they require frequent offerings of blood in order to metamorphose into their next evolutionary step

BedBugs Pest Control Services?

Quite scary when you think about it, a vampire like pest living inside of your attire, with you being unable to do anything against the interloper?

Many house owners attempt to rid the problem by their own means but often fail as bedbugs are very resistant and can survive in dire situations for an extended period of time.
That’s why once you employ one of our experts to the field of battle, he’ll proceed as follows:
The primary step for any type of infection is to inspect the common hiding places of the pest in question.

For bedbugs, this will naturally be the bed and the places the victim, you, visits the most.
The reason for the latter mentioned inspection is because bedbugs have to live close to their blood host, as they have limited movements options.
The next step is two-fold in its nature, since bedbugs are a particularly hard bunch to get rid of.

The first thing our expert does is use a larvicide in order to kill all the potential fledglings that could have formed from the larva.
After that, depending on how infested the area is, a pesticide is brought into the equation and a detailed guide on how to prevent the infestation in the first place is given to the owner of the abode.

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