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Latin nameBlattaria
LengthAround 4cm
Common SightingInside of walls, underneath washers, dark areas

Cockroach Pest Control

According to the Holy Scriptures, when God wanted to punish the Egyptians, he sent cockroaches to spoil the yield for the year.

This means that even in ancient times, people have respected and feared this peculiar pest.
Although small and innocuous in its appearance, in large numbers it can have a detrimental effect on your home or your business.

Cockroach Pest Control Information

General Cockroach Information

-They take very little time to mature and in the first twenty-four hours, a fledgling is already developed enough to act as a full-functioning adult

-They are everywhere, from your groceries to your wooden appliances, cockroaches are a pest that doesn’t care about its place of residence

-Cockroaches have been shown to be largely resistant to radiation, as well as getting their heads cut off. They are one of the most resilient animals known to mankind

-Cockroaches like to stay hidden so if you spot a few, there is a good chance that this is only the tip of the iceberg. You should give us a call immediately!

-They can survive for months without food but die of thirst in just under a week

-Cockroaches are some of the most lecherous creatures on the planet and can quickly populate your home with their reproductive prowess

-They spread allergies and diseases very quickly owing to their nimble bodies and a lack of care for the type of environment they inhabit

How to get rid of this?

Cockroaches are nothing to scoff about and one has to be serious when approaching such a peculiar situation.

The primer thing to do is let an expert examine your entire house or office with a strong flashlight to examine obscure places in your home, such as the underside of your bed or beneath the couch.

The best way to prevent them from intermingling and causing an even larger infestation is to use caulk.

With caulk you can easily close escape routes or possible weak spots in your place of residence.

If this still doesn’t produce favorable results, it means that the problem got out of hand and that you’ll have to hire one of our professionals to the trick.

Don’t worry, we will not leave any permanent stains and your cockroach problem will be a thing of the past.

There is one note of caution though, the expert, at the end of the ordeal, will give you some extensive tips and tricks in order to not let such a thing happen again.

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