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Fly Pest

Fly Pest
Latin nameDiptera
LengthAround 1cm
Common SightingRubbish waste

Fly Pest

Very few things in life irk me as much as the buzzing of a fly. These simple-minded creatures seem to be very headstrong when it comes to their target, as they don’t stop bothering you once they have set their sights on something.

From the common house fly, to the more serious specimens, this species is one of the biggest problems businesses face in today’s world.

On one hand, it indicates unprofessionalism and an unclean state of affairs but on the other hand, flies are so easy to come by that it can be very difficult to find a permanent solution!

Fly Pest Control

-They are very fast reproducers with one pair having the capability to create a million others during just one cycle!

-Flies aren’t really choosers when it comes to their place of residence and that’s why they carry so many dangerous diseases with them.

-Since flies are drawn to food and oftentimes readjust their sitting patterns, they are able to spread their infested germs in record speed

-The most sought-after food for flies is manure, which is, you guessed it right, poop from other animals, including humans!

-Flies don’t have teeth so they have to absorb their food just like a common household vacuum cleaner

-The most common breeding grounds are garbage cans

-They are faithful to their place of inception, as they rarely stray from the flock, unless food is at dire stake

Fly Pest Solutions

As you might have already guessed, waste is the biggest problem that causes flies to be attracted to your humble abode.

Unlike other animals that mostly depend on water, flies are an entirely different animal and should be treated as such.

The way we approach flies is by seeing what sort of structures seem to be dilapidated in your home, providing an opportunity for flies to nest themselves!

After that, we destroy their breeding grounds and determine what sort of key points an owner should look after.

The next step involves disposing of the survivors, the adult flies, by employing either a trap if the infestation is very serious or an insecticide if the numbers are few.

It is important to realize that flies can only be controlled if you take care of all of your waste, that includes the poop from your pets, as well as the garbage outside of your home or business office.

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