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Latin nameCulicidae
LengthLess than 1cm
Common sightingAny hidden surface not visible to human's line of sight

Mosquito Pest Control

Nothing sours your day more than a mosquito that just won’t stop buzzing near your damned ears!
Just think about the adverse effects on your children or your potential business partners such a rotten little pest can have.

Let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about them and then, we’ll see what the best way to show them the door actually is!

Mosquito species

Culex mosquitoes
Anopheles mosquitoes
Aedes mosquitoes

Mosquito Issues

-Only the females of their species bite as they are in need of food for reproductive purposes

-They are attracted to the CO2 in your breath, meaning that you would have to stop breathing in order to stop them from tracking you.

-Despite having poor eyesight, they are very attuned to the various changes in light

-They are predators that mostly bite at night-time, while they might be awake in the day, they are much more likely to go on a prowl once the night sets in

-Although they can be herbivores as they are feeding on flowers, some species have been noted to commit cannibalism

-The hotter the country you reside in, the more attracted mosquitoes are. Considering just how hot Singapore can get, it comes as to no surprise that there are so many mosquitoes present.

-They are the biggest carrier of disease in the entire world, no other animal kills more people indirectly in comparison to mosquitoes

-Some people have such strong reactions to their bites, that little can be done to save their lives once the predator has bitten its pray

Mosquito control services

In order to combat these irksome insects, an expert of ours is first sent on the field to determine where potential water leaks could be leading to a higher mosquito concentration.

As it is well known that they have to breed in water, cutting off the well handles the problem by its roots.

After having determined the weak spots, the type of weapons used in combat are determine by the severity of the infestation.

The most popular short-term solution involves the use of chemical warfare that is non-threatening to human beings.

We are here speaking about larvicides for the fledglings and adulticides for the fully-formed specimens.

Speaking of the longer-term, educating your employers or house inmates will go a long way in order to prevent a mosquito infestation from reoccurring once the experts are done with the job.

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