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Latin nameRodentia
LengthUp to 40cm
ColorBrown or grey
Common sightingKitchen, dark corners

Rodents Pest Control

One of the more interesting pests on our bucket list, that’s for sure. We are fascinated by the fact that in some places, rodents are considered to be pets just like cats or dogs but for us, most of the times, they are a plague that has to be dealt with.

In this article, we’ll only be talking about the two most common rodents, mice and rats as they are most likely to be the root of all the problems you are subjected to!

Rodents Pest Information

-They cause massive damage to electronics with their razor-sharp teeth and disregard for any sort of monetary value system

-They reproduce, well, like rats, with the females being able to litter up to eight times per year.

A record was set at ten times and that is the only observed instance of something like that transpiring.

-Rats and mice truly don’t care about their environments as they leave their waste periodically as they are running rampant through your habitat

-Rodents are great swimmers and will survive up to half-a-week when forced to stay in water

-The reason why rodents are oftentimes used as lab animals in two-fold; Not only are they very smart, intelligent and capable of learning, but they also embody a genetic code that is scarily similar to the human genome.

Rodents Solutions

How to get rid of this?

Let’s be honest for a moment here, if your client or kid at home sees a rat, they will think the worst thing imaginable about that place.

Rats are notorious for hanging around in dumpsters and secluded places that aren’t really suitable for human habituation, that made them enjoy such a hefty reputation.

To combat these nimble pests, an expert is sent to the field to examine all the hard to reach places in your facility.

This is where the pesky rodents will be residing as they are very smart about being as clandestine about their existence as possible.

The expert than proceeds to block all the possible escape routes with clever contraptions, effectively entrapping the rodents and forcing them into their demise.

If a full-scale infestation is at stakes, the owners are then asked to let a few days pass and to be patient, as rats and mice are among the hardest pests to exterminate.

After dealing with the job, the aftermath of the expert contains educating the homeowners of the steps that are quintessential for such a plague to not manifest itself again.

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